Monday, December 1, 2014

Made it!

No problema.  No problems at the border.  

Yes, there was a one hour wait in line, but sailed through once I got to the booth. 

The lesson here is clear.  If you live a clean life, and stay on the straight and narrow, good things will come to you. 

Sure hope you enjoyed the blogs as much as I did writing them. 

If you get a chance, let me hear from you.  I would be especially interested in which stories/blogs were your favorites.


Last day

Today, if all continues to go well, should be the last day of Neil's Adventure Trip to Baja California.

It has been one hell of a ride.

But it is not over yet.  Three more hours of driving to get to the border. 

Then the border!  Can't wait to experience both the US and Mexican sides.  We shall see what stories come from that experience. 

Stay tuned!


OYou all know that the plural of cactus is cacti.  Pronounced Kak-tie.

Did you know that a cactus is part of the cactaceae family (my father's college major was horticulture).

I am beginng to love cacti.  

You might ask why?

First of all, when you are in the desert and you see a cactus, you immediately know there is life.  Living plants and organisms exist in the desert. It is a good sign to see a cactus. 

Secondly, they are unbelievably well adapted to their environment -- the often brutal weather that permeates a desert. 

Third, they have their own beauty.  Have you ever seen an ocotillo in bloom?  Gorgeous!

Fourth, they are survivors.  

Fifth, they are environmentally conscious.  They require very little water and, to my knowledge, discharge no waste.

Sixth, they have many varieties.  They are not boring.

Seventh, yet they are part of a large family.  Why can't we all be friends?

Eighth, they are critical for man to survive in the desert.  Remember the earlier blog about how wonderful to eat was the cactus that Kelsey cooked? It was so juicy. 

And finally, they are a succulent, which to my way of warped thinking makes a cactus kind of romantic. 

Having said all of these positives, there admittedly is one big negative.  You cannot hug a cactus!